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About Ccube

About ccube


SKSM DIA JEWELS LIMITED incorporated and having its registered office and showroom in Hong Kong SAR is the holding company, while SKSM DIAMONDS IMPEX LIMITED is its wholly-owned subsidiary registered in India and having its operations, which at present, include, but are not limited to, the prime activities of sourcing, sorting, polishing, manufacturing and exports of its large and loose natural fancy color diamonds to Hong Kong.

Since inception, in 2008, the company has enjoyed a steady success, due to excellence in the craftsmanship of its products and the high ethical standard it maintains in the diamond industry. Besides loose diamonds, the company also manufactures Jewelry of its patented diamonds, in India, Thailand and Hong Kong.

Due to the unique process involved in creating our patented C³ Jewelry, the central diamond, faceted to create resonances in reflection and refraction, shines forth with more brilliance and color, appearing larger than a regular diamond of the same weight. Consequently, the C³ diamond looks bigger in comparison to a single large-sized diamond of the same weight, is more competitively priced and succeeds in making its proud owners contented with the fact that it is a non-conflict diamond procured through fair trade and manufactured in equally safe environments.
SKSM’s exceptional C³ Jewelry is further fashioned using natural diamonds of intense, vivid and fancy colors in a variety of shades. This Jewelry is made with meticulous attention to setting the diamonds within shapes; the patterning inspired by Nature's graceful designs. Each SKSM piece undergoes the strictest quality control to ensure it adheres to highest international standards.


SKSM Diamonds Impex Limited registered in India, is a subsidiary of SKSM DIA JEWELS LIMITED. Operating from Surat, Gujarat, two global patents of cut-diamond manufacturing technology are in the process of being granted.


Registered in Hong Kong, SKSM DIA JEWELS LIMITED is the parent holding company of the SKSM Group. A world-class showroom alongside its offices in Hong Kong, displays some of the unique polished natural fancy color SKSM C³ Diamonds and Jewelry.



For centuries, natural color diamonds have been a subject of admiration and desire. Since time immemorial, the extremely high cost and abject rarity of the extremely beautiful and varied colored green, yellow, pink and red natural fancy diamonds have prevented a large section of the people globally from owning and investing in these precious assets. Only 1% of the entire raw diamonds mined worldwide are found to be colored; and rarer still even of this single-percentage are of the exclusive pink color ones. It is precisely this niche requirement – to make big natural fancy color diamonds more affordable to a larger section of humanity – which SKSM is continually researching and developing its distinctively unique diamond technology of combining pieces of natural color diamonds, to form larger sized diamonds with superior cut, clarity and color combinations.


C³ (C-Cube) is the name of the exclusive SKSM diamond. C³ diamonds and Jewelry are the result of the immaculate skills of the company’s craftsmen. SKSM’s exclusive C³ fancy color diamonds are so called because they demonstrate and characterize the three perennial qualities of its supreme diamond Jewelry – CALI, CUT & COLOR; CALI being Creative, Attractive, Lucrative and Innovative. SKSM’s matchless finished C³ diamond Jewelry is composed using a singular process, as defined in the company’s various patent applications globally as “the process of cutting and assembling diamonds to form a composite diamond having enhanced brilliance and shade.”


The corporate C³ Logo Mnemonic further symbolizes and epitomizes SKSM's unique and hitherto world-first patented “Third Eye” Mastery – an ideology incorporated to benefit every single exclusive product ownership, right down to the ultimate benefit within our phenomenal Investment Plan – that of the three C³ elements that every valued international buyer of our product desires to see in their purchase – these being, Cost, Compensation and Convenience.  Grace, Glitter and Growth finally epilogue all of what both SKSM and C³ Technology bring to sum up the outstanding classic fashionable beauty and impressionable matchless pride of owning either an SKSM Diamond or its brilliantly crafted Jewelry.


Mahesh S. Kakadiya


The Chairman of the SKSM Group of Companies is also the Founder of the C³ Technology. Being a hands-on Executive Chairman, with over three decades of in-depth global experience in the Diamond Industry worldwide, he leads his team with his inimitable personal and active R&D in the furtherance of this patented technology, creating value-additions that besides research, add to a range as wide as the union and amalgamation of business, commerce, health and spirituality in the core business of natural fancy color diamonds and jewelry.

Mita K. Shah


An extremely capable administrator, the SKSM Group Vice-Chair is both a Bachelor of Commerce as well as a Law Graduate; a most proficient lady who leads in the day-to-day operations. Her portfolio includes key corporate management as well as administration, co-ordination and supervision of a very efficient staff whose primary duties were to facilitate the coordination of the company’s patent issues and also includes, but is not limited to, the areas of legal, finance and overall commercial supervision.