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astra collection



The ASTRA COLLECTION comprises of the C3 diamond jewelry where the main diamond takes a variety of star shapes. These jewels are a humble attempt to capture the everlasting radiance of stars and bring forth, through similarities in shape, color and clarity, the inner light of every wearer.


Astral brilliance and mystical elegance. Embodied in the Astra collection, the inherent Divinity and beauty reflect in the eyes of their beholder. You wear it, others admire the finest nuances of your taste for value and quality.


The Astra bracelets show where your heart rushes. Amazing grace and gratitude are on your hands. Communicate your calm and modesty with strength and confidence.


Fresh inspiration, awakening and the joy of living. The Astra pendants promote your energies of grace, beauty and elegance. Be the star and walk the red-carpet reception.


Subtle embellishments at their peak. The starry essence represents your happiness, affections and fulfillment for life itself. There earrings capture this intensity on you!


Regal Power and Majestic Glory. Astra necklaces define your new journey, the novel adventure and your innovative goals. Attention, affection and appreciation are yours on the way.