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luxuria collection



The LUXURIA COLLECTION consists of the C3 diamond jewelry available in several shades of intense vivid and fancy color natural diamonds, fashioned in a variety of shapes. Like all of SKSM’s creations, this collection represents the highest supreme level in its standard of quality and craftsmanship.


Visions of Love on your finger-tips.Literally! Our high color range, elegant rings embody the primal components of the legendary SKSM corporate ethos, vision, production and philosophy – Security, Kinetic energy and Dynamism, Superiority and Mastery in Technicality, Beauty and Value. Wear Them. Shine Forth.


With every handshake, the Luxuria bracelet displays that you are that solitaire among diamonds, that diamonds among jewels. These bracelets are both in independently alluring as well as serve as inspiring accessories, complementing your dynamic aura & vibrant personality.


In a world of constant change, SKSM pendants embody the very essence of the Luxuria universe of fashion and everlasting glows that never go out of style.


You wear your power, we see your Class. These display your accomplishments. Their sheer resplendence reflects your personal magnificence. Stay aware of your power. The light of the sun and the moon follow you.Glow!


Endorse the global belief- “Behind every successful man is a woman;” So also, under every beautiful SKSM set of earrings, is a Luxuria necklace! Being the woman that creation meant for you to be.