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flora collection



In the FLORA COLLECTION, the main C3 diamond draws its graceful shape, color and pattern from the floral world. This line of jewelry communicates a calm and humbling modesty, with strength and confidence in the wearer.


Gifts of a promise of youth. The flora rings ignite your spark of Love. Encourage your purposefulness and permanence in the “now” wearing these exquisite ornaments.


The blooming flora bracelets symbolize wholeness, originality and primal perfection in the very circle shapes of their designs which they epitomize. Further good fortune and happiness!


These are Pendants of primal Perfection. These pendants reassure its wearer to understand that the wishes they make will come true. Believe in the new-found joy that lasts an eternity.


Symbol of Love and Luck, the peonies, daisies and primroses of the pink and yellow Flora earring collection represent eternal youth, love, prosperity, longevity and fortune. Flora earrings are symbols of blossoming good luck and healing.


The Flora necklaces sparkle like the daisies with their central yellow diamonds ennobling its wearer as the recipient of magnificent and unfathomable gifts of nature and the very glories of creation itself. Wear the flora necklace. Wear success!