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Jewelry that Defines Grace and Glitter

Jewelry that Defines Grace and Glitter

Every Piece of Jewelry that manufactures in our Workshop will carry Unique and Exclusive Properties as we Stand for our Customers and always in the hunt to give them the best for the value they invested in.

C-cube is the Name of Our Exclusive and Unique Pie Cut Diamond with Invisible Settings which has been Produced through The Process Of "Cutting and Assembling Diamonds to Form a Composite Diamonds having Enhanced brilliance and shades.

The Natural Color Diamonds are rare and carry high Value in terms of the Money and Matter of Pride as well. The recent Price trend of Pink Diamond which is uplifted the bare to 400% Rise over the Past 10 Years, This boom might reflect the imminent Closure of Australia's Argyle Mine, which currently produces 90 percent of the world’s pink diamonds.

For centuries, natural color diamonds have been a subject of admiration and desire. Since time immemorial, the extremely high cost and abject rarity of the extremely beautiful and varied colored green, yellow, pink and red natural fancy diamonds have prevented a large section of the people globally from owning and investing in these precious assets. Only 1% of the entire raw diamonds mined worldwide are found to be colored, and rarer still even of this single-percentage are of the exclusive pink color ones. It is precisely this niche requirement – to make big natural fancy color diamonds more affordable to a larger section of humanity – which SKSM is continually researching and developing its distinctively unique diamond technology of combining pieces of natural color diamonds, to form larger sized diamonds with superior cut, clarity and color combinations.

We, SKSM Diamonds Impex Limited, Having Brand "C-cube" has come up with The Unique and Exclusive Natural Color Diamond Jewelry which contains the "Natural Yellow and Pink Diamond" Produce through Pie Cut Concept with Invisible Settings.
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As Per The Image Above, We have developed Unique shapes of Diamond Which includes Flower, Star, Heart, Pear, Cushion, Pan, Marquise and many more to Come as our Research and Development Teamwork on the "Something New Concept" on Continue basis.

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